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Most important projects recently closed

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1. Title – Church in Gakoro, Gahunga, Rwanda
  • Foreign Sponsor – polish faithful
Out station of Gahunga Parish has finished the new church in proximity of the parish primary school of Gakoro and planed sport facilities for the youth. The new cult place was recently blessed by the bishop of the Ruhengeri diocese
For more informaiton see please the final rapport of the project in pdf:
2. Title - Primary School in Gahunga, Rwanda
  • Sponsor – Abana Baseka, Germany
8-classe new building for extension of the parish primary school in Gahunga. Project finished on February 2020.  It was a last part of a whole restoration project of the Mater Carmeli School for more than 1500 pupils.

3. Title – Safe clean Water - Bore Drilling well in Musongati, Burundi
  • Sponsor – Abana Baseka, Catholic Diocese of Stockholm, and individual sponsors from USA
Clean water is available for 700 pupils in Primary School, pilgrims coming to the Marial Shrine, for the neiberhood and local community of the Carmelites. The pilgrims have acces as well to the baths and new toilets

4. Title – Peregrination of the relics of Saint Theresa of Infant Jesus in Burundi and Rwanda.
  • Sponsors – Church in Need, Claverian Sisters, Ad Gentes, OMP of USA, and individual benefactors
The relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux visited all 17 dioceses in Burundi and Rwanda. Carmel on behalf of two Conferences of Catholic Bishops, have been in charge of the whole logistic and spiritual preparation. 10 publications were prepared on local languages promoting spirituality of Saint Therese.

4. Title – Clean safe Water - Bore Drilling well in Gitega, Burundi
  • Sponsor – Catholic Dioses of Munich, Obra Maxima from Spain and individual sponsors from USA
Clean water is available for Carmelite community in Gitega and all the faithful coming to the retreat house “Mater Carmeli”.

5. Tittle – free access toilets – Musongati Burundi, Gahunga Rwanda
  • Sponsors – Obra Maxima, Spain and San Pancrazio Parish, Rome, Italy
In two our Carmelite parishes we have built the new and free access toilets for the faithful coming to the Carmelite churches. It considerably improved e hygiene and health conditions in under developed regions.
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