Inauguration of the Golden Jubilee

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Inauguration of the Golden Jubilee
Published by Fr. Vedaste, ocd in The Reg. Vicariate · 16 February 2021
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Inauguration of the Golden Jubilee of the Presence of the Carmelites
in Burundi-Rwanda Vicariate (1971-2021)

Tuesday, 16th of February 2021 was a special day at Kola Community, MOROGORO-TANZANIA whereby the whole community joined brothers from Burundi-Rwanda vicariate to inaugurate the Golden Jubilee of the presence of the Discalced Carmelites in Burundi-Rwanda; the first and important activity started was the lighting of the jubilee candles by Brother Védaste Munyaneza before  singing  the morning prayers, followed by  the Eucharistic celebration at 6:30 AM.
The second part of the celebration started with singing of the evening prayers at 6:30 PM, followed by the presentation of the short history of the presence of the Carmelites in Burundi, and later on in Rwanda given by brother Védaste Munyaneza. The presentation was based on the explanation of the motto of the Carmelite order, the intention of the first missionary father Leonard KAWALOWKA, the coming of the first eleven missionaries to Burundi and later on in Rwanda, todays’ apostolate of Carmelites in Burundi-Rwanda vicariate, and fruits of the fifty years’ presence of the Carmelites in Burundi-Rwanda vicariate.
1.Presentation of Our Community.
Kola community is a scholastic house. Placed in MOROGORO city in TANZANIA. Our community is composed of thirty-seven brothers and three fathers and so making the number to be of forty (40) members. These brothers and fathers come from different six nations. Twenty-six (26) are from Tanzania, five (05) from Burundi, four (04) from Rwanda, three (03) from Malawi, one (01) from Madagascar, and one (01) from America. These diversities of nationalities bring the cultural enrichment among brothers. Furthermore, brothers in the community engage themselves in studies at Jordan University College, participating in different community acts and doing apostolate in different parishes around MOROGORO diocese. Moreover, the brothers are studying in different years of Philosophy and Theology.
2. Moto: Zelo Zelatus Sum Pro Domino Deo Exercituum (1 Kings 19:10); With zeal I have been zealous for the LORD God of Hosts
Carmel is a religious family made up of the religious Order of Discalced Carmelites Priests and sisters numerous Religious and Lay Institutes, the secular Order OCDS and organized groups such as the Scapular Movement and friends of Carmel. The Discalced Carmelite Fathers arrived in Poland in 1604. In 1617, Cracovie province of the Holy Spirit became one of the first six provinces in the Carmelite Discalced Order. On the year 1970, the province of the Carmelites in Poland celebrated the Golden Jubilee in its renaissance 1920-1970 it is the time also the second Vatican council was ruling in the 1962-1965. It was after the Vatican II council where the province decided to have mission in Africa in 1969. So the next year 1970 Father Leonard KAWALOWKA started the journey exploring Congo and Burundi in the diocese of BURURI according to the Bishop Martin Joseph. Then on the 1st September 1971 the first missionaries arrived in Burundi, at MPINGA, now the diocese of RUTANA.
The intention of Father Leonard was to spread the Good News of God to the poor countries, that’s why he chose to come in Burundi and later on the Carmel reached

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